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Our products are sold in OnPremise and SaaS modalities, in a series of PLANS that depend on the modules that the client needs and the number of concurrent users that use each product. The major modules or services that we sell are outpatient and specialized consultations that include PYP, dentistry and Occupational Health, as well as other specialties, emergencies, hospitalization and ICU, surgery, diagnostic support (clinical laboratory, radiology). In OnPremise mode, they are sold by user ranges from 21 to 50, 51 to 100, 101 to 300 and more than 300 concurrent users, it is not sold for less than 20 concurrent users. In the SaaS case, a price is assigned to each concurrent user depending on a table of 1 to 10 users, 11 to 50, 51 to 100, 101 to 300 and more than 300.


IPSOFT does not sell licenses for less than 20 concurrent users. The license is Perpetual.


In this model, IPSOFT sells a license for its product (right to use the software) to be installed on the client's machines. In this model, the client must purchase, install, and manage its servers for the operation of the product. Once the product is put into production, which occurs at the end of the implementation phase, a support and update contract must be signed, through which the client is entitled to support services during business hours, as well as the update. Services that have a cost of 15% per year of the value of the Software license.

It must be taken into account that in this model the responsibility for the administration, configuration and improvement of the servers is entirely the client's, which generates the consumption of important administrative and financial resources. Additionally, the initial investment is much higher than in the SaaS model.

PLAN DE PRECIOS SIIS_ onpremise.jpg

Since SIIS is a 100% WEB application, the SIIS license is installed only on the server of our DataCenter, nothing should be installed on the clients, only a browser PREFERABLY MOZILA (which has no cost) which means that practically any computer for As old as it may be, where a browser can run, it can be used as a SIIS client, different from client/server applications where the clients must be robust and therefore the investments in this kind of projects are much higher, in an absolutely unnecessary way for any institution. . 

In the SaaS case, the license is rented, not sold, and the number of users can be increased or reduced at the time required. A monthly value is charged for each concurrent user who uses the product, this value includes the rental of the servers that are the responsibility of IPSOFT, the rental of the Software license and the support and update contract.

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