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It is a  HIS  (Hospital Information System) for care management (Electronic Medical Record), administrative (billing, inventories, cash, appointments) and financial (budgets, accounting, cxc) of Institutions providing health services, is a 100% WEB application that operates with free tools.


SIIS was born between 2004 and 2005 from the previous 10 years of experience in the development and implementation of Software for hospitals and clinics, plus the experience and needs of an important group of recognized clinics in the southwest of Colombia, led by the Clinica de Occidente. From Cali.

An interdisciplinary group of health professionals is integrated between specialists, doctors, chiefs and nursing assistants, from all kinds of specialties, with a group of Software engineers, with previous experience in the development of Software implementation for Hospitals and Clinics.

A HIS was then developed with the needs of level 3-4 clinics, with all the services, easy to use for the care staff, which natively integrates the care processes with the administrative ones, with the best software technology available on the market. and with the previous experience of both software engineers and support staff. Over the years and thanks to the fact that it has a completely modular product, SIIS has been successfully installed in both public and private IPS from level 1 to 4.

MEDISIIS, many of the doctors who used SIIS in the clinics where they worked, asked us for the possibility of using SIIS, but in their private office, therefore, it was decided to take the great SIIS product and make a small product that would meet the needs only of a medical office, basically medical agendas, appointments and medical history, works only in SaaS mode.

ODONTOSIIS responds to the same need as MEDISIIS, but oriented to DENTISTRY offices and clinics. It meets the needs of this type of client, basically medical schedules, appointments and clinical history of dentistry that includes the odontogram, IPB oleary and all other needs of dentistry and specialties such as orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, it works only in SaaS mode.

OFTALMOSIIS, In 2016 IPSOFT in association with SIESA sold the SIIS software to the Ophthalmological Specialties Clinic of Medellín - CEO, with whom we reached an agreement to complete the product with those requirements of an ophthalmology clinic and that do not have the Traditional HIS made for general purpose clinics like SIIS.

The adjustments and a large number of new developments, mainly about 12 clinical histories of ophthalmology as such and its subspecialties such as cornea, retina and others, generated a new specialized product for Ophthalmology Clinics.

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