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Software for IPS, Clinics, Hospitals and Medical Offices

Learn a little more about the history of our Software and the development of the products that we have available for the health sector.


SIIS – Comprehensive Health Information System is a HIS – Hospital Information System whose center is the Electronic Medical Record for all areas of a Hospital or Clinic and for all kinds of medical specialties. Around the medical records, SIIS automatically manages the administrative modules of the emergency, outpatient, specialized, hospitalization, ICU, surgery, diagnostic support, pyp, occupational health areas, such as medical agendas, appointments, billing, cash, inventories. , programming of operating rooms, management of beds, triage, purchases, pharmacy, dispensing, glosses, portfolio, pqrs and medical fees. In addition, it integrates with any LIS, RIS-PACS, financial ERP, CRM, report generators, BI or electronic invoicing system on the market.

You can operate in institutions level 1 to 4, private or public in OnPremise and SaaS modalities. It is a 100% WEB application tested, robust and mature in this architecture.


OftalmoSIIS is an information system specifically designed for OPHTHALMOLOGY CLINICS or OFFICES, for patient care, not only in general ophthalmology but in any of its sub-specialties such as retina, neuro-ophthalmology, cornea, glaucoma, pediatric ophthalmology, oncological ophthalmology or ocular plastic, among others.

OftalmoSIIS was conceived as a specific product for Ophthalmology institutions, which has the Clinical History of general ophthalmology, as well as the clinical records of the ophthalmology sub-specialties. In addition, the product allows the management of the medical agenda, appointments, TELECONSULTATION, billing, contracts or agreements, cash, inventories, surgery, diagnostic support and in general the basic modules for the administration of an ophthalmology clinic, specialized consultation care center in ophthalmology or private ophthalmology office. With processes for the specific management of Clinics of this important specialty.

You can operate in institutions level 1 to 4, private or public in OnPremise and SaaS modalities. It is a 100% WEB application tested, robust and mature in this architecture.


It is a specific product for institutions that provide the Occupational Health service, fulfilling all the requirements of the law for this purpose.

Manual Orders. Control Panel that allows all professionals to identify patients in order of arrival, status of care. Clinical History: Audiometry, Visiometry, Spirometry and Electrocardiogram. Physical exam Physical tests related to the limbs and spine can be completed. For the qualification of the patient, 7 options are handled (admission, periodic, withdrawal, control, post disability, relocation, Occupational Case).

Downloading certificates IPS client companies have web access to the system where they have access to this menu and can only view and download the certificates associated with the client company. The files are downloaded in PDF format.

Occupational medical certificate,  Certificate Audit, Report on health conditions.

The use of devices such as the digital tablet to capture and store the patient's signature has been integrated into the Occupational Health module, as well as the management of fingerprints to capture the fingerprint of each patient and search for identity confirmation.


Software Solution for Pharmacy Chains that wish to automate their most critical processes. FARMASIIS is an application that works in SaaS–Software As A Service mode.

In this modality, the pharmacy or warehouse does not buy the solution, but uses it through the Internet and pays a monthly value for the use and storage of its data in a DataCenter. The center of FARMASIIS is the dispensing of medicines, integrated online with the administrative modules, especially warehouses, warehouses, billing and cash.


OdontoSIIS is a health information system that allows dental clinics and offices to automate their most critical processes, such as medical agendas, appointments, billing, electronic medical records, cash and inventories, quotes and the management of credits in treatment payments. .

It is a completely cloud-based system (100% WEB, SaaS operates), which allows all its processes to be much more agile and efficient. ​All OdontoSIIS modules interact and receive information online (that is, they receive information at the time it is entered) from other modules.

​OdontoSIIS has a specific clinical history for dentistry with a first-time odontogram and treatment, IPB Oleary, bacterial plaque level, oral hygiene, habits, orthodontics, periodontics, and allows images and documents to be added.


MediSIIS is a software solution specially designed for Private Medical Offices or Groups of Medical Offices (of any specialty) that wish to automate their outpatient processes, such as medical agendas, appointments, cash, billing, electronic medical records and inventories. It has teleconsultation.

It works in SaaS mode (Software As A Service) 100% WEB, and is characterized by being a 100% comprehensive system (the information entered will automatically feed all the modules with which it is related); making the processes more agile within your office.

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